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الصفحه الرئسيه


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Nature and purity

Olive Oil Skin Care Liquid Soap

Nablus is one of the most prominent cities in Palestine that has a long
history as a main regional center of marketing and manufacturing
agricultural products. One of its main agricultural products is olive oil.
This golden oil is yielded from the fruit of olive tree which decorates the
highlands of the holy land. The holy land has been known for its olive oil
since immemorial time. Olive oil has not only been used as food
medicine, but it has also been used as fuel for lighting candles.
Furthermore, it can be stored and used to preserve food indefinitely
without using any refrigeration or preservatives. Soap made of virgin
Olive oil has been produced among the Mediterranean area since ancient
times, and we are proud of continuing this tradition.

2009 Olivina Co. Nablus -Palestine